Holly Gough

Tax Consultant

Holly is a Tax Consultant based in our Taunton Office


Electric cars

With the Government encouraging us to be greener when it comes to our cars, there are some tax advantages currently available and due to be introduced for company electric cars. COMPANY CAR…

Meet The Tax Team – Holly Gough

To introduce you to our eclectic mix of tax team members, we will interrogate members of the AG team each month. This month it is the turn of Holly Gough,…

Optional Remuneration Arrangement

Optional Remuneration Arrangement An Optional Remuneration Arrangement (OpRA), more commonly known as ‘salary sacrifice’ is an arrangement between an employee and their employer to be provided with a benefit in…

Employee Suggestion Schemes

Why set up employee suggestion schemes? Setting up an employee suggestion scheme is a perfect way to improve your business and reward your employees at the same time. There are…

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