To introduce you to our eclectic mix of tax team members, we will interrogate members of the AG team each month.


This month it is the turn of Lesley Ann Jones, a director working out of the Burnham office.


  1. Can you provide a brief summary of how your tax career has developed to date?


I have worked in the accountancy profession for over thirty five years and thrive on the complexities in both worlds of accountancy and taxation. Although both are different and separate careers, knowledge of both are intrinsic in being able to advise clients on all aspects of their business.


Initially whilst being involved in accounts preparation, I undertook the Chartered Tax Advisor qualification which gave me a huge and exciting insight into the more detailed world of tax, which has, in turn, enabled me to provide an all-round service to our valued clients.


  1. If I was feeling extravagant, is there a top lunch spot you would recommend in Burnham-On-Sea?


Difficult question!!  Burnham is awash with coffee shops, independents as well as the more commercial, all of which I am partial to visit when the stress is on.  Otherwise a visit to The Swan in the village of Wedmore, a short drive from Burnham is my recommendation.


  1. What would be your specialist topic if there was a tax-related version of Mastermind and what planning opportunities surround this topic?


My interest lays in the leisure industry particularly caravan parks.  With Brean on our doorstep having one of the largest influxes of caravan owners in the UK during the summer months I have plenty to keep me busy.  Capital allowances for the larger parks is a vital consideration particularly the purchase of new vans which are fairly costly, ensuring the annual limit is not exceeded with the result that 100% tax relief is available is key to cash flow planning.


  1. Outside of work what do you like to do to recharge?


Firstly I am lucky enough to have a lovely growing family, a lot of my spare time is spent with them. I also love to travel.  Asia is beautiful and so culturally different to Europe. After visiting Burma recently a small village called Bagan became one of my favourite places to visit, it was truly amazing.   Vietnam is also a must see before it becomes too commercial, Hanoi is a mass of scooters carrying whole families along frantically busy roads with few accidents!  A fascinating experience.


  1. Why should those starting out in their tax careers consider non-city locations such as Burnham-On-Sea?


Working in a smaller practice I believe you get to see so much more than being pigeonholed into one particular area.  We have insights into every aspect of tax from business taxes to personal, on a daily basis.  Our days are so varied and most importantly interesting.

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