What is Lifetime Cash Flow Planning?

In it’s simplest form, Lifetime Cash Flow Planning is a way of showing whether your income and assets are likely to be sufficient to enable you to pay off your expenses and liabilities as they become due and whether you can reach specified aims and objectives, both financial and personal, over your lifetime. Lifetime Cash Flow Planning can bring your financial plans to life. It will allow various scenarios to be considered and is a fantastic tool for individuals who wish to become financially well organised. It can show you whether your aims or objectives are achievable by examining how your current spending, savings and investment plans will allow you to reach your future financial goals.

The process involves collating information on your arrangements and understanding your aims and future aspirations. By entering and agreeing on a number of assumptions we can show you what the potential outcome may look like and see whether your aims and objectives are achievable based on your current arrangements. We can then review alternative scenarios to see the impact these may have on your plans, identify and consider what changes, if any, may be needed to achieve your goals.

If your financial plans fall short in allowing you to meet your goals, changes can be agreed and made. In life, the assumptions we use will change and the impact of circumstances outside our control may mean your financial objectives may not be met unless your plans are regularly reviewed. If you know in good time whether any revisions need to be considered to allow you to achieve the future you want to enjoy then these can be looked at using Lifetime Cash Flow Modelling

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The Benefits of Lifetime Cash Flow Planning

  • The plan will indicate whether you are on track to attain your financial goals – Lifetime cash flow planning shows how wealth changes over your lifetime and can visually show you whether your current savings plans are sufficient to attain the aims and objectives you hold.
  • Budgeting – The plan keeps track of how you spend your money and enables you to identify where you may be able to make savings to help you reach the aims and objectives you want to achieve.
  • Review the optimal time to retire by seeing if your current retirement savings plans are sufficient – LifeTime Cash Flow Planning looks into the future as to whether you will have the funds to meet your needs and enjoy the retirement you aspire to.
  • Identify if you need to take more investment risk to generate the higher returns required to meet your goals, and also when less risk may be needed.
  • Considers the implications of potential life events on your future financial plan – shows what events as moving house move, receiving an inheritance, selling a business, the death of your Partner and divorce may have on your plans by taking these into account in your plan and forecast how these may impact on your ability to maintain and achieve your financial planning objectives.

How is Lifetime Cash Flow Planning presented?

  • Coloured bar graphs show how your wealth will accumulate over time, model the assumptions made and consider the impact of different life events have on this. Helping to show and explain the growth and threats to you wealth over time – a visual view can help bring to life and show you whether your aims and objectives are possible.


  • Long term Care: We are generally living longer, but not always in good health, you may need to consider how the need to pay for your care may impact on your wealth, whether there will be enough and whether there will be anything left to pass onto your loved ones.
  • Inheritance Tax planning (IHT): Lifetime Cash Flow Planning can be used to see what assets are available to you as you move towards your later life, allows tax planning to be undertaken to ensure that you retain sufficient assets to meet your needs as well as being able to maximise the assets available to pass onto your beneficiaries.













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