Balancing your future priorities


You have probably hit your stride with your business or in your career. With your earnings probably at their peak and children in education or leaving home, your financial priorities will be changing.


You probably have a mix of long-term savings goals, such as retirement, mid-term savings goals, including children’s education, and near-term goals like family holidays and home improvements. Balancing all of these priorities can be challenging. Especially if you have to contend with the unexpected, such as redundancy, divorce, a critical illness, loss of a parent or selling your business or the family home.


When these and other situations crop up, the team at Albert Goodman will listen and understand your personal, family and business situation and goals, and then create a plan just for you. We can help you to:

  • Take stock of your assets, income and any inheritances
  • Provide financial support to parents and dependents, without jeopardising your future financial security
  • Mitigate income and capital gains tax
  • Review your investment portfolio and pension savings
  • Structure property ownership and financial borrowings
  • Establish and structure trusts to protect family business and property assets as they grow in value
  • Provide elderly and vulnerable family members with extensive legal, tax and accounting support, including drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

Objective and sensitive support following a relationship breakdown


A personal relationship break down means dealing with a host of changes in life and in your business. Whether you are resolving through agreement, mediation or Court proceedings, the Albert Goodman team is highly experienced in supporting individuals build a new financial future.

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