Keeping mature businesses sustainable


You have matured into a thriving business that is known and respected in the marketplace and your community. You have loyal customers and significant repeat business and are generating respectable profits.


In an ever-changing marketplace, fortunes can and do shift quickly. Profits are the only reliable measurement of success and the ultimate reward for your endeavours.


Protecting your profits and increasing value


Our sector specialists assist mature businesses to monitor economic trends and changes within their industries. Factoring in the obvious squeezing of margins and resources, our experts will help you to anticipate and mitigate business continuity risks. Our advice is wide-ranging and can include reviewing:

  • Alignment of your business to current strategic plans
  • Viability of entering new markets
  • The efficiency and productivity of current business practices
  • Employee remuneration
  • Operational and financial restructuring
  • Potential merger and acquisition targets
  • Timely disposal of property and business portfolios
  • Suitability and nature of your personal and business insurances
  • Tax and cashflow implications of different succession plans and business exit scenarios

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