Our Job Retention Scheme calculator allows you to input employee data to allow for an accurate and effective understanding of what may be claimed for your furloughed employees under the JRS.  Not only can our calculator assist with your claims where you have already run your payroll, but it can also assist in calculating your maximum claims where you have yet to deal with your payroll, although please note that claims should not be submitted more than 14 days before your claim period ends.  This additional function can help you plan your cash flow, in understanding what grant income may be payable to your business.

The rules around apportioning employer’s NIC costs and pension contributions are complex, especially where you are topping pay up either by choice, or to cover holiday pay or non contractual payments such as commissions.  Our calculator will work out the correct apportionment whether your top ups are by choice, contractual or other.

We have designed our job retention scheme calculator to be as simple to use as possible and we are confident that is much easier to use than the online tool currently offered by the HMRC.  It is important that businesses who claim under the JRS have a clear record of what is being claimed and that the claim is as accurate as possible given HMRC will have the ability to review your claims up to 5 years later and we understand these checks have already started.

If you or someone in your business would like to make use of our job retention scheme calculator, please complete the contact form to the right, filling out your contact and business details.  We are giving out the spreadsheet to use free of charge, although by providing your contact details, you will be agreeing for a member of our team to contact you to discuss your business and for us to retain your details for future marketing purposes.  We would also be very pleased to help with the use of the calculator, if you would like additional support in its use or how the scheme rules work, although our time will be charged for at our usual rates.

If you would like an overview of the JRS before making use of our job retention scheme calculator we have resources available for you. Our website contains a detailed guide to the job retention scheme and we have run several webinars on the topic which can be viewed on our website here.