HMRC are developing a series of webinars for tax agents and advisers starting with a pre-recorded webinar on penalties for inaccuracies in documents and returns.

The penalties webinar gives an overview of penalties legislation. It then goes over behaviours that lead to inaccuracies; what happens when there is a disclosure and the quality of disclosure; the reductions that can be made for quality of disclosure; calculating the quality of disclosure; when HMRC can suspend penalties; and what can be appealed.

HMRC say they will be launching interactive live webinars in summer which will give tax agents and advisers the opportunity to ask HMRC questions as they go along. More information on dates and how to register will be available soon.

The pre-recorded ‘Penalties for inaccuracies in documents and returns’ webinar is available at Please bear in mind this is HMRC’s interpretation of how the penalties should work but this might not necessarily be the view taken by the tax tribunal. If in doubt, please do contact us for further information.

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