HMRC enquiries investigates thousands of individuals and businesses in the UK each year.  Enquiries can range from a random spot check into one aspect of the return, to a full-blown enquiry, and no-one is immune from scrutiny.

Increasingly, HMRC enquiries are being triggered following a comparison of the information provided on a tax return, against personal and financial information using HMRC’s powerful software called ‘Connect’.  The databank includes information from banks, land registry, and various trade associations; as well as monitoring sites such as eBay, Gumtree and Airbnb for high levels of activity.

The penalties applying for errors are wide-ranging and depend on the type of behaviour that resulted in the inaccuracy and also whether or not disclosure is prompted by HMRC.  If you think that there may be an error or omission on any of your tax returns, please let us know in order for us to help you put it right.

If you are selected for an enquiry, it can be a lengthy process which can incur hefty accountancy fees, even where it is found that there is no additional tax to pay.  Understandably, being the subject of an enquiry can be a very stressful experience.  We aim to remove as much of this headache as possible through careful management of the enquiry, to ensure that it is resolved as quickly as possible.  We also offer a Tax Investigation Service which can cover our accountancy fees arising from the management of the enquiry, to help put your mind at rest.

Under the experienced guidance of tax partner, Tracey Watts, we take a proactive approach to enquiries so that you don’t lose your head.   For further information about our Tax Investigation Service please visit   / .  


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