Extended Deadline for Certain Self Assessment Tax Returns

HMRC have extended the filing deadline for 2012/13 tax returns from midnight 31 January 2014 until midnight 15 February 2014.

However, this unprecedented extension will only apply to a minority of tax payers and the tax due date remains 31 January 2014.

Who does it apply to?

Provided you are already registered for self assessment, and you already have a Unique Taxpayer’s Tax reference (“UTR”), then if either:

• You signed up for online filing between midnight of 21 and 31 January 2014; or

• Requested a replacement user ID or password between midnight 21 and 31 January 2014,  and

• You file your return using HMRC’s free software,

the extension will apply and no £100 late filing penalty should be charged.

It is likely that an appeal may be necessary given the penalties are issued automatically.  However, when you register for online filing, or request a replacement user ID or password, an automatic email should be generated stating the new information will be sent to you within 3 days.  You should print this email and retain it as part of the appeal.

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