Budget 2018

It is far too early to have any clear idea of what effect the result of last week’s general election will have on care sector funding. There is, however, an underlying feeling is that there has been a shift in the ground which people are viewing with a certain amount of positivity.

Vic Rayner, the Executive Directs of the National Care Forum commented that it was critical that the new government now recognised the significance that social care played in the sector. The relative success of Labour in increasing their vote was partly on an agenda of ‘hope’. The need to balance the budget seemed to be abandoned during campaigning – or pushed so far into the future as to be irrelevant. Austerity seems to have become an outmoded concept.

Theresa May will be challenged to provide more care sector funding

Indeed some people have suggested was that one of the most significant single factors in the election result was the reaction against the potential of the ‘dementia tax.’. Many think that this policy put together by a few of Mrs May’s closest advisors, pushed many traditional Conservative voters into the arms of the other parties.

However there is a confused picture with the lack of a clear majority for the new government. They have pushed the queen’s speech back a few days to allow themselves to review their policies and programme for the next parliamentary session. With Teresa May seeking to rebuild her popularity, it would suggest that the door is open to push home the message of public support for increasing spending on the sector – even in advance of finding a solution to the increasing costs of our ageing population.

At Albert Goodman we feel that now is not a time to play wait and see but to be raising the issue at every opportunity whist the current surge in popular sentiment continues. For more information on our support for the sector please contact julie.hopkins@albertgoodman.co.uk


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