Later life and care planning

Preserving independence and dignity later in life   We understand that each phase of your life can bring its own unique challenges and problems – and no more so than coping with the inevitability of getting older.   Whether that is succession planning for a family business, building a secure retirement income, finding ways to […]

Pre and at retirement planning

Helping you to strike the right balance   You have been planning for your retirement most of your adult life. As you approach this new chapter in life, you will probably have lots of new questions.   When can I afford to retire? What lifestyle can I realistically expect? Should I sell or pass on […]

Wealth Accumulation

Balancing your future priorities   You have probably hit your stride with your business or in your career. With your earnings probably at their peak and children in education or leaving home, your financial priorities will be changing.   You probably have a mix of long-term savings goals, such as retirement, mid-term savings goals, including […]

Starting out

Everyday support to kick-start your financial future Defining the future is sometimes a difficult concept to get to grips with. For some of us it applies to tomorrow; for others it conjures up images of old age. The reality is you need to financially plan for tomorrow, old age and everything in between.   Near-term […]

Succession and Exit

Good planning is worth it   Even for the most passionate business owner, there will come a day when you will want to retire, hand your business on or sell-up and explore a new direction in life. Whether you are thinking of doing it soon, or in 20 years time, exiting should never be a […]

Maximising profit and value

Keeping mature businesses sustainable   You have matured into a thriving business that is known and respected in the marketplace and your community. You have loyal customers and significant repeat business and are generating respectable profits.   In an ever-changing marketplace, fortunes can and do shift quickly. Profits are the only reliable measurement of success […]

Growing your business

Practical support to stay ahead of the curve   You have established your client base and your cash flow is looking healthy. Market conditions and new competition, higher customer demands, a larger workforce or needing more equipment and raw supplies to fulfil orders could indicate that it is time to take your business to the […]

Starting up

  What’s your big idea? Whether you are freelancing, launching the next big innovation, opening a retail chain or starting your own building firm, setting up a business is exciting, challenging and requires boundless energy.   We are here to help you make it happen, supporting you with fundamental decisions as you make your business […]

For Families & Individuals

The story begins and ends with you   Your goals are unique. In all probability, they will also change over time. While we all hope and plan for the best in life, unexpected business failure or success, the ups and downs of relationships, health issues, career upheavals, caring for people with additional needs can blindside […]

For Businesses

Businesses grow with us   As a business entrepreneur, you’ll make countless decisions. Some you’ll tackle with ease and confidence. Other choices may be more daunting and risky, requiring professional and specialist advice. This is precisely where Albert Goodman can assist.   Whether you are a seedling venture, considering expansion or an acquisition, or preparing […]