A new wave of virus has hit the internet called “Ransomware”. This nasty virus will encrypt all the files on your computer and gives you one choice to pay the criminals to decrypt and recover your files. The encryption CANNOT be broken.

At the moment NO antivirus can protect your computer from this threat, it can affect all windows computers and servers, Apple OSX Computers and network storage devices, even mobile phones. First signs of this virus are not being able to open files, word, excel etc. If you are infected, the only solution to resolve this is to wipe your computer and restore from backups.

Currently the only preventative solutions to protect your computers and network are to have a Dell Sonicwall Firewall with up to date comprehensive gateway support. Dell Sonicwall is the only third generation firewall on the market that provides protection at the bit (microscopic) level. It will scan all data coming from the internet and stop this threat plus many others.

Albert Goodman IT Solutions are a Sonicwall Reseller and can provide competitive prices to cover your network from this new threat. If you wish to discuss options for your network or would like a free audit to check your current solution please contact Mark McEvans on 01823 250790 or Mark.Mcevans@albertgoodman.co.uk

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