Cloud technology has got to be one of the IT buzz words of the decade. Now moving into a relatively mature technology Albert Goodman IT Solutions are often being asked by our clients ‘Should we move our data into the Cloud’?

The answer is a tricky one and one that differs on your position as a business. Cloud technology is certainly not for everyone so don’t be fooled by one of the latest IT colloquial expressions without doing your research first. Moving away from an ON-Premises solution to the cloud is a dramatic change to you business so be sure to evaluate the risks thoroughly before you over commit and realise it’s too late to turn back.

A few key considerations;

  • How will you connect to the cloud? – Do you have leased line technology in place or will you rely on standard ADSL (data transmission over telephone lines)? ADSL has limited Service Level Agreements thus the potential to leave you without access to your company data for long periods if you experience a line fault.
  • Return on investment (ROI) – Calculate the cost of replacement infrastructure (including licences) against the monthly inclusive leased cost quoted by your hosting provider. ON-Premises can often pay for itself in a few years so if you saturate your equipment for 5-6 years there can be a significant saving with ON-Premises if you have the upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX).
  • Software Integration – Within your suite of company software applications ensure that the level of software integration – inter-dependence and/or bespoke applications – you are accustomed to will still function in a cloud environment. There are lots of cases where this hasn’t been the case making certain procedures less efficient.
  • What if I want to move from my Cloud provider in years to come? – The cost of cloud computing services are become increasingly competitive so when your contact expires in a couple of years  you will want to evaluate the market please to ensure you are still getting the best value for money. Ensure there are no hidden costs in moving your company data to another provider and understand how this will be achieved and the disruption this might cause to your users.

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