1. What is the Client Portal anyway?

Virtual Cabinet Client Portal is used by thousands of users to send documents securely and quickly to customers, suppliers and contacts.

If you’ve received a document through the Portal, this guide is for you!


2. Account Activation

When you first receive a Portal document, you’ll receive an email notification.

You must activate your account before you can see the document you’ve been sent.

Choose the click the “Click on this link” hyperlink:

You’ll be directed to a secure “Activate Your Account” page:


Fill in your details, then click “Activate account”.

You’ll be granted access to the document you’ve been sent!

That’s it! Congratulations 🙂

You can log back into your Portal Account anytime by going to:

Simply enter your Email address and Password you used to activate your account, and click “Log In”. Tick the box to remember your password if you wish.

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