Spring Statement Summary

Spring Statement 2018   The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, presented his first ever Spring Statement on Tuesday 13 March 2018. Whilst A.A. Milne may not have appreciated the chancellor’s reference to two of his beloved characters, there was certainly a collective sigh of relief that Mr Hammond stuck to his word, with no new tax announcements […]

EIS or SEIS: What is the difference?

EIS or SEIS: What is the difference? The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and its big brother the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) have quite a few similarities but it is also important to understand the differences and how they work with each other. If you are looking to raise money for your company from outside […]

Introducing external investors – a legal perspective

    Introducing external investors – a legal perspective   As explained by the Albert Goodman contributors, the availability of SEIS and EIS relief provides real financial benefits to investors and helps to de-risk investments in qualifying companies.  However, obtaining approval from HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) and issuing SEIS and/or EIS certificates is only […]

Shareholder protection insurance

Company perspective: What if?   Your business is something that you have doubtless worked hard to establish but your empire could be put at a massive risk. One of the most damaging events a business can fall victim to is the death of a major stakeholder.  Should a business owner die unexpectedly the event can have […]

How to choose an investment partner

Piers Millar is a private investor who lives in Somerset. Contact with the 247 investor group can be made through your AG adviser. Investor Insight   ‘Marry in haste, repent at leisure’ goes the proverb and while the typical investment relationship is unlikely to reach its golden or even silver, anniversary it could well outlive […]

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