Meet the Financial Planning Team – Claire Musson

Q1: Claire, one of your specialisms is retirement planning, why do you like this area of advice? The current pension rules can be very complex, so I find it very rewarding to be able to demystify them for clients and help them plan for and then achieve a comfortable retirement. Over the years I have […]


FLEXI ACCESS DRAWDOWN   Building up a healthy retirement fund to enjoy retirement should be a priority for most people. Having built up your pension fund, you arrive at a crucial milestone – making the right decisions about your income in retirement. Be careful – do not under-estimate the magnitude of this decision, you’ll probably […]

Pension Annuities

Pension annuities hit the headlines in August when interest rates rose, this means annuity rates have gone up! This is great news if you’re thinking of retiring now because you might be able to get more income. Whilst there is no longer a requirement to buy an annuity – don’t discount them. What exactly is […]

Avoiding Hidden Dangers In Retirement

The 2015 pension freedoms changed the way we take income in retirement. No longer having to buy an annuity at retirement has increased flexibility enormously but the freedoms mean people now have to work out how best to make their pension last to avoid running out of money in retirement. It goes without saying that […]

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