We received a call from a lady in her 70s who had discovered her husband had been receiving letters from HM Revenue & Customs for some time but he had not been opening them. He had been a Chartered Accountant in his working life, but he was now suffering the early signs of dementia and was no longer able to manage their financial affairs easily.  His wife had never had to deal with the family’s finances and was living in a state of high anxiety about the mounting paperwork.

With his permission, we took over the administration of the couple’s finances, sorting out the tax returns and arranging for the couple’s bank account to be in both their names – allowing her to sign cheques and clear some outstanding debts.

We also determined that they were entitled to receive Attendance Allowance and helped them claim for this. We organised a Power of Attorney to be set up, enabling his wife and their children to sort out the husband’s affairs should his health decline further, and we set up a Trust with the aim of reducing the potential inheritance tax liabilities of the couple’s estates by over £100,000.