Nestled in the heart of South Somerset is the quaint village of Martock, home to 5,000 people and a selection of pretty hamstone buildings. New to the village is Martock F.I.T, a friendly, community orientated gym co-founded by Dave Root and Ed Noble in 2016. With an emphasis on providing custom training opportunities people all of ages, fitness levels and abilities, Martock F.I.T aims to provide a service that other local gyms cannot.

Owner Dave Root describes the philosophy of Martock F.I.T as being geared around the use of free weights to gain maximum benefit from full body training, but the use of machines and cardio training is also encouraged. The gym also offers several instructor-led classes each week, and Level 3 qualified personal trainer Ed Noble also offers personal training sessions and plans. Due to the rural location, Martock F.I.T aims to offer the community a great choice of training options without the need to travel to the nearest town.

Dave owns several other businesses, but when the opportunity to combine business with his love of the gym occured, he jumped at the opportunity. “I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the gym, and when the opportunity arose to provide this service to the community of Martock, Ed and I were hugely excited”.

My experience of running other businesses has been in completely different industries so starting Martock F.I.T has represented a new challenge for me. Having worked with and received excellent accountancy support from Albert Goodman in the past I felt it was only natural that I should work with them on Martock F.I.T. The best advice can make a huge difference when you’re a small business."

"In my other businesses, I’d historically been working on SAGE150, which includes a level of complexity that isn’t required at Martock FIT, so Alison Parsons and her team at Albert Goodman have switched us over to Sage One online accounting software. It works fantastically for me because I work at multiple locations, and often travel to Europe, and can access my accounting data wherever there is a WiFi signal! The bank feed functionality and reporting makes a huge difference and gives me a very clear picture. The software is very intuitive and after a couple of training sessions from Alison, I feel very comfortable using it,  although it’s great to know I can get in contact with Alison at any time and that we’ll both be looking at the same page. I’ve also found Sage Online support to be very useful, for those middle of the night calls where I don’t feel I should call Alison!"

"The best advice can make a huge difference when you're a small business!" Dave Root, Martock F.I.T

Alison had previously worked with Dave and his other businesses for the past 4 years and was excited at the opportunity to use Sage One to help set up Martock F.I.T. “The Sage One online accounting system is a perfect fit for Dave and Martock F.I.T for a number of reasons,” says Alison. “Dave wanted something that would be user-friendly, simple to use and allow him to keep control of his finances.  The cloud-based system is ideal for Dave because of his frequent travelling, and while we offer a number of different online accounting packages at Albert Goodman, we worked with Dave and decided the Sage One was his preferred choice, due to the particularly user-friendly interface. As accountants, it’s very important that we don’t abandon our clients once they’ve selected some software. In the case of Martock F.I.T we provided training and fine-tuned the software to the business’s needs. We firmly believe that a good accountant combined with online accounting software is perfect for start-ups and new businesses looking to grow."

Martock F.I.T is great for Martock; it's community focused and welcomes anyone. Those of us who live in rural areas are always looking for a community focus, and it’s nice to have access to such a good facility without the need to travel to a major town. We firmly believe that online accounting software, together with pro-active support and advice from a  good accountant is a winning combination for start-ups and new businesses looking to grow"

For more information about Martock F.I.T please visit their website Twitter page @Martockfit or Facebook Page. For more information about our cloud accounting offering please visit our Online Accounting  website