Welcome to the Albert Goodman Client Portal


We are pleased to launch our new secure Client Portal. The Portal allows you and Albert Goodman to exchange files very securely and in line with the latest GDPR regulation. This will be replacing email as the way in which we do this in the future.

You will be aware that email can be open to interception and can be imitated. Our new Client Portal solution removes the possibility that this could happen to you.

The Portal will allow documents to be digitally signed and will therefore also speed up the process of approving documents. The process of registering on the Portal is very simple, it will happen the first time we send you a document and once set-up this account will become the primary method of file exchange between us.

The below guides answer some frequently asked questions and explains in more detail how the Portal works. If, however, you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call your usual Albert Goodman contact.

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