Making Tax Digital- What you need to know.

Making Tax Digital (“MTD”) is HM Revenue & Customs’ (“HMRC”) drive to make the UK the “most digitally advanced tax authority in the world” and will mean significant changes to how and when we all deal with our tax affairs, with changes coming in from as early as April 2018. HMRC see this as ultimately leading to […]

Are You Really Farming?

Why does “Farming status” matter? “Farming status” is a very important question for those who ‘farm’ their land through grazing or cropping licenses, contract or share farming arrangements. HM Revenue and Customs are often raising this question – whether you are farming or not can have significant tax consequences. The case of John Carlisle Allen v HMRC […]

Starting out with Cloud Accounting

A guest blog from Hannah Ackford the Managing Director of new digital agency “Consume Digital” After taking the leap and starting my company “Consume Digital” in January 2016, I can now take the time to look back over the year and reflect. The journey of building a start-up has been a rollercoaster, with lessons learnt, mistakes […]

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