Company Reconstruction

Fairly regularly we come across situations where a company reconstruction is required in order to split apart different activities.  For example to separate the ownership of investment assets from a trade to protect them from commercial risks. Another example would be to facilitate the sale of part of the company’s business or trade. This can […]

What do business owners ask their accountant? 13 FAQs

At Albert Goodman, our business services team have the great pleasure of working with a fantastic variety of businesses across the South West.  We work with everyone from haulage companies to chicken farmers, aerospace firms to coffee shops. While each business is unique and faces its own distinct challenges, we’ve tried to identify and provide […]

Farmers and bank managers. The importance of knowing each other.

Who is your bank manager? This might seem a simple question for most farmers; however, for some agricultural businesses, this is a key question, which may require action. The importance of farmers and bank managers getting to know each other has rarely been more important. During the last couple of years, the low farm-gate prices mean […]

VAT and provision of Shooting Rights

The provision of shooting rights in the course or furtherance of business is a taxable supply for VAT purposes. This means that where the income received exceeds the current VAT registration limit of £83,000 in any period of twelve calendar months or less the shoot would need to have a VAT registration in place and […]

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