Taking Control of Your Goods

Before 6 April 2014, if you had not paid all your tax liabilities on time the tax system gave HMRC the power to take goods owned by the tax payer and sell them at public auction, with the proceeds being used to settle the debt (including interest and penalties) and costs associated with the action. […]

All BETs are off

The Business Entity Tests (BETs) were introduced by HMRC to help determine whether a person providing services through a limited company would be caught by the IR35 legislation, which effectively seeks to treat the person as being an employee of the end user for tax purposes. The BETs have been criticised by the tax profession […]

Increased Debt Collection through Tax Code

HMRC can currently collect self assessment tax debts of up to £3,000 by adjusting your Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax code, which effectively spreads the collection of this debt over the whole tax year from your employment/pension income, provided your tax return is submitted electronically by 31 December. If your earnings are less than […]

The ‘not so’ Affordable Care Act 2014

The recent Care Act 2014 – dubbed the “Affordable Care Act 2014” – hit the headlines for capping care fees at £72,000.  But scratch below the surface and you could end up paying five times that amount, with those in the South West being hit harder than most. Pensioners and their families who are expecting […]

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