The Care Act 2014 – Health and Social Care Ratings – Is Good, Good Enough?

This is the fourth in our series about the Care Act and in this case is about what the Act itself says about health and social care ratings. Going back as far as 2013, the Nuffield Trust were asked to research, consult and consider the need for ratings in health and social care. The key […]

Mapping the Minefield

The latest batch of reforms to pensions, announced by George Osborne in his speech at the Conservative Party Conference, only added to the complexity and sheer range of options now available to individuals with pension funds, of whatever size. Much of the media has latched onto the ability for an individual to now pass on […]

Don’t Pull the Trigger

Hidden amongst the inevitable ‘small print’ in George Osborne’s most latest batch of reforms to pensions, most of which are due to take effect from 05 April 2015, are some ‘easy to miss’ dangers, for individuals who use ‘money purchase’ pension shares to save for their retirement. As with most radical reform to regulations there […]

Self Employed – Travel from a Home Office

A self employed doctor recently lost his case at the Upper Tribunal over mileage claims between his home office and other places of business:  But what does this mean for you if you are self employed and have an office at home? The answer will depend on whether you provide your services at other locations, […]

Non-Executive Directors and Auto Enrolment

As the legislation introduced by the Government relating to Workplace Pensions in 2012 starts to affect more and more UK employers, it’s becoming clear that there are a number of unintended consequences, which can impact on Non-Executive Directors (NEDs), as well as agency workers and self-employed Consultants. The crux of the matter is the Pension […]