And You Thought Pensions were Confusing!

I know many family lawyers find pensions confusing, and turn to us for assistance in both preparing Pension Reports and advising clients on how to invest their Pension Sharing Orders, but we have recently come across a case that has even left us scratching our heads. In applying to the Pensions Service for the State […]

Homecare: The Silent Care Service – Albert Goodman Care Briefing (January 2014)

People are looked after in their own homes all over the country. Carers pop in and out once, twice or more times in a day. Sometimes carers stay all night. Each time the carers have specific jobs to do, such as preparing meals to administering medication and providing personal care, all in accordance with an agreed care plan. […]

Fixed Protection

As you may recall the coalition government announced in the Autumn statement that they plan to reduce the Lifetime Allowance from £1.5 million to £1.25 million with effect from 6th April 2014. There will be an opportunity for individuals to apply to protect their benefits up to the current limit of £1.5 million from the […]