What are the implications of the Dilnot Funding reforms – Albert Goodman Care Briefing (November 2013)

Local Government Ombudsman warns that Local Authorities are responsible for the actions of the providers they contract with. This is quite a strong statement but to a certain extent the headline is correct. A recent case referred to the LGO highlights the complexities of third party top ups and the need for providers to be extra careful […]

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Road Transport Industry To Be Targeted by HMRC’s Latest Taskforce

The road transport industry will be targeted by HMRC’s latest taskforce, with individuals and businesses in Dorset, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Surrey and Wiltshire being among the areas affected. Taskforces are specialist teams that undertake intensive bursts of activity in specific high risk trade sectors and locations in the UK.  The team will visit […]

Further Taskforces

Further taskforces are also being launched targeting hidden wealth in the South East and South and VAT repayments in South West England. The VAT taskforce is in response to HMRC having reportedly seen an increased risk of fraudulent VAT repayment claims in the South West, in particular businesses being set up purely to make false […]

The Renewable Heat Incentive – Tax Efficient Installations

The renewable heat incentive (RHI) scheme has been running since November 2011 for commercial installations and pays the owners of renewable heating technologies (RHT) for producing heat used for qualifying purposes. Examples of RHTs include biomass boilers, ground and water source heat pumps and solar thermal installations. The scheme for domestic installations is expected to […]

Reported Increase In IR35 Reviews

There has apparently been a sharp increase in the number of IR35 reviews being opened by HMRC. The intended effect of the IR35 rules is to level the playing field between employees and “contractors” who work alongside them through personal service companies by looking through the personal service company to apply PAYE to income caught […]

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