Case Studies

Insuring against Inheritance tax

A long-standing client had, during his career, built up a substantial property portfolio. One of these properties he had decided to gift to his son who had recently married. But he was also concerned that if his death occurred in the next few years his son might be liable for a substantial amount of inheritance… Read more

Keeping it in the family

Like many of those we help as part of our Later Life Financial Solutions, Mr H came to us for an entirely different reason: to discuss his annual tax return. As he was in his late 50s, the conversation turned to his plans for retirement – an area he had put on hold because it… Read more

Sorting out the worries

We received a call from a lady in her 70s who had discovered her husband had been receiving letters from HM Revenue & Customs for some time but he had not been opening them. He had been a Chartered Accountant in his working life, but he was now suffering the early signs of dementia and… Read more