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Autumn Statement 2016 Highlights

  The Autumn Statement 2016 was the first delivered by Philip Hammond in his role as Chancellor of the Exchequer and, for a moment, it looked to be his last, as Mr Hammond teased us with his resignation. Instead, it was announced that the Autumn Statement will become the Autumn Budget from 2018 and the… Read more

Options to Tax

As part of the expansion of the tax, the Option to Tax land and properties was introduced in 1989 VAT is one of the most complex taxes we have. Anthony Barber the Chancellor of the Exchequer said that VAT would be a “simple tax” when he oversaw its introduction in 1973. How the world has… Read more

Budget 2016 Summary

The Summer Budget 2015 – Summary

Here is our more detailed look at the Summer Budget. Our review focuses on the issues likely to affect you, your family and your business. To help you decipher what was announced we have included our own comments. If you have any questions, please do get in touch. Click here to read our full Summer… Read more

Jam Jar savings

Tax Newsletter – December/January 2015

Welcome to this month’s Tax Newsletter – and a Happy New Year to you. We are now less than four months away from the General Election and only two months away from Budget 2015, and whilst the only two certainties in life are meant to be death and taxes, the constantly changing landscape of tax… Read more

To Incorporate or not to Incorporate, that is the question?

Most businesses start out life as a partnership but may later become limited companies, usually because the business has grown significantly.  Fully incorporating the business, by transferring it to a limited company offers substantial annual tax savings.  Company corporation tax rates are 20% compared to personal income tax rates of up to 47%.  Therefore, for… Read more