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Why turning 75 could be bad for your wealth

Pension Freedoms: Why turning 75 could prove bad for your wealth

Although widely welcomed, both by those in the wealth management profession and the clients they advise, the recent raft of reforms to pensions (sometimes known as pension freedoms) have taken the UK pensions industry by surprise, with many still struggling to cope with the sheer volume and pace of change. Most financial commentators welcomed one… Read more

Pension Tax Regime

Budget 2016- Changes to the Pensions Tax Regime?

Over recent years the Government appears to have become addicted to making wide-ranging changes to the pensions tax regime and many would bet on significant (further) changes being announced in the Budget on Wednesday 16 March.  Some changes may take immediate effect from Budget Day; others from 6 April 2016 or later tax years. Will we see the introduction of a new “pensions ISA”… Read more

Mapping the Minefield

The latest batch of reforms to pensions, announced by George Osborne in his speech at the Conservative Party Conference, only added to the complexity and sheer range of options now available to individuals with pension funds, of whatever size. Much of the media has latched onto the ability for an individual to now pass on… Read more

Don’t Pull the Trigger

Hidden amongst the inevitable ‘small print’ in George Osborne’s most latest batch of reforms to pensions, most of which are due to take effect from 05 April 2015, are some ‘easy to miss’ dangers, for individuals who use ‘money purchase’ pension shares to save for their retirement. As with most radical reform to regulations there… Read more

Get set for auto enrolment

Alan Whitley, Head of Workplace Pensions at Albert Goodman Chartered Accountants, highlights important factors for businesses to be aware of regarding auto-enrolment. The Government’s major initiative to encourage employees to save for retirement needs to be on the radar for business owners. Despite recent high profile Government publicity campaigns, most employers currently believe there is… Read more