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Tax Year End Planning

As the tax year draws to a close, now is an ideal time to consider tax year end planning and whether you have made full use of the reliefs and exemptions available to you: INCOME TAX Tax rates and personal allowances – An individual has a personal allowance of £11K in 2016/17, which means any income up… Read more

Auto Enrolment – Key Points To Note

Is it really necessary? Auto enrolment was introduced decades ago by nations such as Denmark, Switzerland and Holland – the UK is 35, even 40 years behind. It is a legal requirement – there are significant fines for those who don’t comply. Who does it apply to? It applies to all employers – from one… Read more

Are You Really Farming?

Why does “Farming status” matter? “Farming status” is a very important question for those who ‘farm’ their land through grazing or cropping licenses, contract or share farming arrangements. HM Revenue and Customs are often raising this question – whether you are farming or not can have significant tax consequences. The case of John Carlisle Allen v HMRC… Read more

Starting out with Cloud Accounting

A guest blog from Hannah Ackford the Managing Director of new digital agency “Consume Digital” After taking the leap and starting my company “Consume Digital” in January 2016, I can now take the time to look back over the year and reflect. The journey of building a start-up has been a rollercoaster, with lessons learnt, mistakes… Read more