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Launching of Tax-Free childcare  We previously reported on the expected launch of the Government’s tax-free childcare scheme in early 2017 and we confirm this will now be launched on 28 April 2017 and it will be gradually rolled out through the year. As a reminder, the tax-free childcare scheme is available to working parents (each… Read more

Personal Tax Accounts – Get Yours Now!

HMRC are gradually pushing taxpayers towards their Personal Tax Accounts (PTA) and, as of December 2016, they reported that 8 million people have already registered. There are already a range of things that can be done via the PTA and as the push continues, more services will be added. In time, it is envisaged that… Read more

Measures dropped from Finance Bill increase uncertainty.

The Government has dropped over half of the measures announced in the April Budget from the finance bill in order to rush the legislation through Parliament ahead of the June 8th general election.  With Parliament going to recess on May 3rd, it was rushed through in under 2 hours. The Bill, which would have been… Read more

Funding crisis for local care homes

The care homes funding crisis continues. A series of new financial measures from our Local Authorities look set to cause even more pain to already beleaguered care homes in the region. This is somewhat surprising when set against the backdrop of Local Authorities being able to raise the council tax precept by an extra 3%… Read more

Medical Practice Accounting Clients- Work in Progress

What we are currently working on with our Medical Practice Clients. Personally Administered Items. Research shows that many practices are under-claiming their Personally Administered Items (PAI). In many cases, the under claim can be worth between 50pence and £2.00p per client on the practice list. Keith Miller is working with practices and specialist third parties… Read more