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Charities Seminar- Tax and Trading for Charities

Event Date: Thursday 25th May 2017

Most people assume that charities operate free of corporation tax, and whilst this is often the case, it is not true for all charities. It is easy to stray away from charitable objectives and into the realms of non-charitable trading and tax implications without realising. In this presentation, we aim to explain how charities can be caught… Read more

Charity Annual Returns- Submit Online

The Charity Commission launched the new system for Charity Annual Returns on 29 June 2016. The new online charity annual returns must be completed by all registered charities with an income in excess of £10,000 and all charitable incorporated organisations, by no later than ten months after the end of financial years ending in 2016. If… Read more

New Online Service For Charities

HMRC launched its new Charities Online Service in April 2013, to enable charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (“CASC”s) to sign up and make repayment claims online. There are three ways in which charities and CASCs can claim gift aid repayments and/or repayments of tax deducted from other sources of income. The first two options… Read more