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Cash Basis- Is it worth a look?

The Finance Bill included a provision for all rental businesses with a turnover of less than £150,000 to prepare accounts on a  simpler cash basis unless they elected to continue with the accrual basis. Whilst this measure was dropped from the final Bill, it is possible that the measure will be reintroduced in the Bill… Read more

The Apprenticeship Levy

The way the government funds apprenticeships in the UK will change in Spring 2017. Whilst only some larger employers will be charged a new apprenticeship levy, actual apprenticeship funding will change for all employers. What is an apprenticeship? An apprenticeship is a genuine job, with an accompanying skills development plan. It must last for at least… Read more

Budget 2016 Summary

Government urged to delay the launch of Lifetime ISA

The government is being urged by both pension providers and banks to delay the April 2017 launch of the new Lifetime ISA as they are warning that they will not be ready to offer the savings product by this time. A new Lifetime ISA introduces a new type of savings account for adults under the… Read more


PAYE Settlement Agreement (PSA) PAYE Settlement Agreements allow businesses to settle the tax and national insurance liabilities otherwise suffered by their employees, when provided with certain benefits. Some of the common benefits covered under a PSA are gift vouchers and staff entertaining. The existing process to apply for a PSA is lengthy and many steps… Read more

Tax Credits

Family Business

Securing the future of your Family Business When people think about this it is often with a long term view to maximising the potential value on a sale or exit, but it is just as important for business owners to think about the shorter term and protecting themselves and their family from being entirely dependent… Read more