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Cash Basis- Is it worth a look?

The Finance Bill included a provision for all rental businesses with a turnover of less than £150,000 to prepare accounts on a  simpler cash basis unless they elected to continue with the accrual basis. Whilst this measure was dropped from the final Bill, it is possible that the measure will be reintroduced in the Bill… Read more


What do business owners ask their accountant? 13 FAQs

At Albert Goodman, our business services team have the great pleasure of working with a fantastic variety of businesses across the South West.  We work with everyone from haulage companies to chicken farmers, aerospace firms to coffee shops. While each business is unique and faces its own distinct challenges, we’ve tried to identify and provide… Read more

Tax Credits

Family Business

Securing the future of your Family Business When people think about this it is often with a long term view to maximising the potential value on a sale or exit, but it is just as important for business owners to think about the shorter term and protecting themselves and their family from being entirely dependent… Read more