Financial Modelling

Giving confidence to your decision making

No longer a preserve of large organisations, our team can undertake financial modelling and create business models that make information overload manageable such that decisions can be taken with sound analysis to support them.

We can help you build bespoke financial modelling systems that are flexible, robust, accurate and easy-to-use, with clear reports to deliver tangible business benefits. We also review and test models to enhance their quality and reliability, improving the overall quality of decision-making or to give added confidence to banks and investors.

Our process is thorough so that the models we produce deliver significant value to your business.  Many remain in use years after implementation as essential business planning tools.

Before building our models we understand your requirements and develop a detailed specification.  After the build we test the model – checking the output with you.  Finally and once in use, we offer on-going maintenance and support, and believing that models should be flexible, we can adapting our models to meet your changing business circumstances.

The types of financial modelling assistance we provide include:

  • Single-use models for investment appraisals, transactions and project.  We construct projection and valuation models to assess a deal or project when raising finance and to understand project risks and cashflows.  We can use the information generated by the model to prepare supporting business plans required for the raising of finance.
  • Multi-use models for corporate planning.  We build models to quantify and evaluate strategic directions or business options and scenarios.  Understand the key drivers of a business and the interaction between variables we build budgeting and planning tools generating projections of cashflows.
  • Model and methodology review.  We review models or the way in which modelling is done, providing advice on improvements and identifying issues that will affect a model’s effectiveness.