Trustee Services

Clear and concise guidance to help trustees fulfilled their duties

Being a trustee is a huge responsibility.  Our specialists are fully aware of the very specific duty of care and standards which trustees are expected to meet in relation to the investment of trust funds.  We offer trustees a comprehensive review of existing trust investments which will result in a formal opinion as to their suitability.  Where we find problems we will offer solutions.

We also create investment strategies for newly established trust which will take full account of the aims and objectives of the trust, the requirements of trust law and we will aim to keep beneficiaries happy whilst protecting trustees.

We advise the trustees of all forms of trusts and we advise both lay trustees and professional trustees.  Unlike most advisers we are particularly well experienced in the use and management of Personal Injury Trusts.

Flexing to your specific needs

We are prepared to accept full delegated responsibility for trust investment strategies. Our work will involve:

  • Reviewing, preparing or adapting Trust Investment Policy Statements
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities, making clear what is mandatory, what is voluntary, and what, in our view, is just best practice
  • Delivering training and support in relation to investment management if needed
  • Providing a comprehensive fixed fee review of your investment portfolio – examining documentation and investment performance to highlight any potential problems or inefficiencies which we believe may exist
  • Ensuring that your investment strategy is as tax efficient as possible and that it meets the requirements of trust law
  • Helping you identify and manage any conflicts of interest
  • Helping  you make informed investment and distribution decisions
  • Providing advisory investment management services or working with thirds party investment managers to create truly
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of investment performance against pre-agreed benchmarks and other agreed parametersSTEP LOGO


Our specialist advisers hold either full membership of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) or the STEP Certificate for Financial Services.


Albert Goodman Financial Planning Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.