Employee Benefits

Reward your employees with benefits they value

With employee benefits taking up a large chunk of the average company payroll, many organisations are becoming more selective, offering lifestyle benefits that employees value. The introduction of auto-enrolment is an ideal opportunity to review and enhance your employee remuneration offer.

Our financial planning experts are highly skilled in creating appealing and market leading ‘flexible remuneration packages’. Typically acting for small and medium sized enterprises, we can review your existing offering to reveal potential tax inefficiencies and low take up of benefits.

Improving staff retention

We can develop a bespoke employee benefits package that is both affordable and meaningful to your people. Flexible schemes are popular, as employees can personalise their benefits package to reflect their current lifestyle. Among the many options, we can introduce or refresh:

  • Death in service schemes –sourcing policies up to four times an employee’s salary, at a fraction of the cost of individual life policies. Usually, costs are allowable as a business expense.
  • Relevant life plans – providing employer-funded personalised life cover for key employees for up to 25-times salary. Premiums payable are allowable as a business expense and don’t give rise to a ‘benefit-in-kind’ tax for the employee
  • Pension provisions – reducing the administrative complexity and costs of occupational and group pension schemes and advising employers on your new legal obligations.
  • Group income protection – providing income if employees are absent from work due to ill health or accidents for a prolonged duration. Premiums are an allowable expense and benefits can be paid tax-free.
  • Critical illness schemes –tax-free lump payments should an individual suffer a life threatening illness, or permanent incapacity.

We can assist with implementing and communicating your benefits programme and we can also prepare total reward statements.

Interested in setting up a share scheme?

Employee share schemes offer many tax advantages. This is something we can help to set up, coordinating HMRC approval.

Are your company benefits aligned to the goals of your business?

Our Chartered Financial Planners assist companies of all sizes to build a fair and competitive employee benefits and pensions package that is easy to administer and provides the best value for money.