Kerry Hake


There are absolutely no excuses for not paying your staff NMW The government has revealed ten of the most bizarre excuses used by unscrupulous business owners who have been found to have underpaid workers the National Minimum Wage (“NMW”). These employers used excuses such as ‘only wanting to pay staff when there are customers to… Read more


  Is the UK housing market “broken”? The taxation of rental properties for landlords has changed significantly recently as part of a fix due to Government Ministers’ perception that the UK housing market is “broken”.  A summary of the recent and upcoming changes follows: Wear and Tear Allowance The wear and tear allowance previously available for furnished… Read more

FRS 102 for Farmers

Not just accountants technical jargon but impacting your accounts One of the most substantial changes to accounting standards in a generation is now in force with the introduction of the key new standards FRS 102, FRS 102.1A for small entities and FRS 105 for micro entities. Whilst this might sound like technical jargon that you… Read more

Auto Enrolment – Key Points To Note

Is it really necessary? Auto enrolment was introduced decades ago by nations such as Denmark, Switzerland and Holland – the UK is 35, even 40 years behind. It is a legal requirement – there are significant fines for those who don’t comply. Who does it apply to? It applies to all employers – from one… Read more

Are You Really Farming?

Why does “Farming status” matter? “Farming status” is a very important question for those who ‘farm’ their land through grazing or cropping licenses, contract or share farming arrangements. HM Revenue and Customs are often raising this question – whether you are farming or not can have significant tax consequences. The case of John Carlisle Allen v HMRC… Read more