Julie Hopkins

Spring is in the Air and so is the Care Act

Like it or not the Care Act is here and is most likely to remain regardless of political comment in the run up to the parliamentary elections next month. Frankly, regardless of the colour of the next Government it is doubtful that any major changes will be made. Nevertheless, the elephant in the room that… Read more

Health and social care integration – Will it work?

Blogging seems to be a part of everyday life. When responsibly written they are a very good source of discovering current opinion, not least about the care sector. So, this month we thought we would reproduce a recent blog, with the authors’ approval, about health and social care integration. This was originally published by Caring… Read more

Care Fees Planning

Care Act Funding Reform – Will it work?

Care Briefing – February 2015 The jury is still out on this question largely because the fine print in the regulation and subsequent guidance has yet to be established. Indeed the Department of Health is consulting on this at the moment with a deadline of 30 March, one day before the Care Act 2014 goes… Read more

Registered Care Managers – The Cornerstone of Good Care

There is no doubt that a ship without a Captain is going to go aground at some time in its journey. This applies across the whole range of industry and commercial enterprise and is not in dispute. The BBC Radio 4 You and Yours programme (5 Nov 14) brought this thought to mind when it… Read more