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VAT and Provision of Shooting rights

VAT and provision of Shooting Rights

The provision of shooting rights in the course or furtherance of business is a taxable supply for VAT purposes. This means that where the income received exceeds the current VAT registration limit of £83,000 in any period of twelve calendar months or less the shoot would need to have a VAT registration in place and… Read more

Why turning 75 could be bad for your wealth

Pension Freedoms: Why turning 75 could prove bad for your wealth

Although widely welcomed, both by those in the wealth management profession and the clients they advise, the recent raft of reforms to pensions (sometimes known as pension freedoms) have taken the UK pensions industry by surprise, with many still struggling to cope with the sheer volume and pace of change. Most financial commentators welcomed one… Read more

Gender pay gap

The Equality Act- Gender Pay Gap Regulation.

The Equality Act 2010 contains provisions to prevent discrimination in society and the workplace, one of which is mandatory gender pay gap reporting for entities with 250 or more employees working in the UK. The regulations regarding the gender pay gap apply from 1 October 2016 and require the first calculations to be made as… Read more

Milk Prices - The Madness Continues

Milk Prices – The Madness Continues

The continuing madness around milk prices has got me thinking about the past. My first “proper” job was with the Milk Marketing Board (MMB) . One of the last roles I had (as with all MMB employees at the time) was to try and secure signatures on the Milk Marque contracts prior to deregulation of… Read more

Budget 2016 Summary

Government urged to delay the launch of Lifetime ISA

The government is being urged by both pension providers and banks to delay the April 2017 launch of the new Lifetime ISA as they are warning that they will not be ready to offer the savings product by this time. A new Lifetime ISA introduces a new type of savings account for adults under the… Read more